FUDANJUKU’s new look for Dansou Revolution

Cross-dressing Japanese idol phenomenon FUDANJUKU revealed a new look for the release of their new single and music video “Dansou Revolution.” The girls have taken their host-like attire to a new level, and the PV for “Dansou Revolution” has a seriously sexy (and maybe confusing) moment of almost-kissing tension. The members of FUDANJUKU hosted a …

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FUDANJUKU – Danso Revolution (PV)

FUDANJUKU at Tokyo Idol Festival 2013


FUDANJUKU Live Event at Odaiba VenusFort

The last day of “Shita wo Muite Kaero / RISHISHI-MAN” release commemoration event was held on June 1st. The event venue located near Odaiba VenusFort saw not only fans but also many families who stopped by to watch Fudanjuku’s stage with smiles on their faces. Full story an more photos at Barks.JP

FUDANJUKU comment video for RIKISHI-MAN

JaME interview with FUDANJUKU

Check out the great interview with cross-dressing J-Pop idol group FUDANJUKU on JaME! [excerpt] Overseas, there aren’t any groups with female members that dress up like boys. How would you explain this concept to someone from overseas? Kojirou: In Japan, cosplaying is popular. Among the genres of cosplaying, there’s a trend sometimes of dressing as …

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FUDANJUKU – Rikishi-Man (preview)

Audio preview of FUDANJUKU’s new single “Rikishi-Man”. http://youtu.be/cKOp4mKQjBU

Macross Net Meeting with May’n and Chiaki Kyan

Report from Macross World: The third Macross Net Meeting ‘Listen to us talk!’ was held on Niconico Douga on Wednesday April 10th. The special was hosted by Chiaki “Kyanchi” Kyan (FUDANJUKU), the singing voice of Macross Frontier’s Sheryl Nome, May’n, Shion Tsuchiya (Ash in Macross THE MUSICULTURE) and famed Valkyrie artist Hidetaka Tenjin. Full article: …

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FUDANJUKU – Jinsei Wahaha! (Review)

FUDANJUKU Jinsei Wahaha! Review by David Cirone FUDANJUKU’s new single “Jinsei Wahaha!” is the high-energy theme for the soccer anime Ginga e Kickoff! The title track of the 3-song single has a powerhouse chorus and comes with some cool dance moves in the PV (courtesy of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s “PONPONPON” choreographer air:man). Coupling track “Yuki …

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