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Guso Drop – Guushin (MV)

Guso Drop has released a video for the title track of their upcoming EP Guushin (偶神). The video gives a feel for the chaotic nature of one of their live performances and puts you right in the middle of it.   Guso Drop Website: http://gusodrop.info Via: Straight From Japan

Think you know idols? These 5 Alt-Idol acts will change your mind

Screaming Sixties These two ladies come blazing out of the gates with a furious pop-punk sound fronted by sweet and innocent sounding vocals. Their backing band, 6% is MINE, are no slouches either. If you need some dynamic vocal work backed by driving guitars and drums, I think this might be the group for you. …

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Guso Drop – Level (MV)

“Level” by Guso Drop featuring original members Rei, Shinon, Saki, Yurapiko and Anna. The perfect mix of hardcore and electronic elements. Guso Drop Website: http://gusodrop.info Via: Straight From Japan

Saki graduating from alt idol group Guso Drop

Saki of Guso Drop has announced her graduation from the group. She will now be concentrating on Double And. The rest of Guso Drop will continue on and hold auditions to try and increase their membership to 6. Saki will continue with the group until December 31, 2016. via Straight From Japan