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Nov 21 2017

Houkago Princess – Abracadabu Luv (MV)


Houkago Princess transforms to a glamourous Arabian style for their seductive new single “Abracadabu Luv”.

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Nov 13 2017

Houkago Princess reveals images for next single, Abracadabu Luv!


Houkago Princess has revealed the jackets for their next single, “Abracadabu Luv!”, which will be released December 20, 2017. The group’s latest single is based on the tale of Aladdin, or Arabian Nights. A popular tale for many generations, the story is known for the lead character’s good fortune in finding a magical lamp that …

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Sep 17 2017

Sasara Sekine (Houkago Princess) – Interview (2017)


Sasara Sekine (Houkago Princess) Interview by Dru Bastedo September 18, 2017 The idea of a “princess” is a familiar one across the world, and idol group Houkago Princess is making a splash in the industry by wearing it like a badge of honor. NekoPop spoke with member Sasara Sekine about English, Disney, and how the …

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Sep 05 2017

Houkago Princess – Sayonara Duarena (MV)