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Apr 13 2015

Kanako Ito performs Steins;Gate, Demonbane themes at Sakura-Con 2015


J-Pop anime and game songstress Kanako Ito performed a set of fan favorite theme songs during her live concert at Seattle’s Sakura-Con 2015 last week, April 3-5, including popular hits from Steins;Gate and the Demonbane game series. She spent hours meeting fans and signing autographs, and also took time to explore Seattle during her first …

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Nov 16 2013

Kanako Ito releases theme song for PSP/PS Vita game Hanasaku Manimani


Anime and video game vocalist Kanako Ito will release her new single “Yuukyuu No Sora Saku Hana” on November 27. The song was produced for the new PSP/PS Vita game Hanasaku Manimani and features artwork by Guilty Crown artist Redjuice. The single will also include the Hanasaku Manimani image song “morning glory”.

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Oct 15 2013

Kanako Ito featured on Promic’s J-Pop News


Japanese anime and game singer Kanako Ito is featured in this week’s J-Pop News program from Promic. Kanako ito is a highlighted artist for next week’s TIMM Japanese music industry event. The program shows her video for “Hacking to the Gate” from the game Steins;Gate. Check out Promic’s latest edition of J-Pop News:

Oct 02 2013

Steins;Gate vocalist Kanako Ito to perform at 10th Annual Tokyo International Music Market


Nitroplus singer Kanako Ito will perform a live concert at PROMIC’s 10th Annual Tokyo International Music Market showcase on October 23. Kanako Ito is known for her contributions to numerous anime and game soundtracks including STEINS;GATE, Blassreiter, School Days, STAR MINE GIRL/SUMAGA, CHAOS;HEAD NOAH, Song of Saya, and Deus Machina Demonbane. Kanako Ito appeared at …

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