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Mio Soul – Subliminal Melody (Review)

Subliminal Melody Mio Soul Review by Jen Wang The challenge was simple: for 52 weeks, Mio Soul sat in a Starbucks with half an hour to create new beats. The result was anything but. Subliminal Melody takes some of the products of her coffeehouse exercise and expands them into full-fledged electronic pieces. Although this is …

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Mio Soul – Review + Interview (2012)

Mio Soul Interview by Jen Wang November 17th, 2011 (originally published on purpleSKY.com) Tokyo-born songwriter Mio Soul makes her debut with In My Skin. The EP contains the heavy drum beats and smooth melodies of contemporary R&B with flavors of pop, dance, and jazz. Simple yet candid, the lyrics are in English, except for the …

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Mio Soul – The Past (PV)