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Namie Amuro 25th Anniversary documentary 〜glorious days〜

Namie Amuro has released a 20-minute English-documentary on her official YouTube channel to commemorate her 25th Anniversary and upcoming Domestic Dome Tour & Asia Tour “Namie Amuro Final Tour 2018 – Finally ~”. Chronicling her career from her start with Super Monkeys at 14 years old through her million-plus record sales in every decade since, …

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Namie Amuro – Showtime (MV)

Namie Amuro goes behind bars in the most fabulous prison ever in the hyper-pop video for “Showtime”, the theme song for the TBS drama Kangoku no Ohimesama (“The Caged Princess”) starring Koizumi Kyoko. https://youtu.be/6jl8v6BvYT0

Namie Amuro – Hero – NHK ver. (MV)

Namie Amuro takes a majestic, golden stroll to Brazil (or Asgard) in her MV for “Hero”, NHK’s official theme song for their Rio de Janeiro Olympic and Paralympic coverage. https://youtu.be/YJt7KRmv2bQ

Namie Amuro and Masaharu Fukuyama rock Asahi’s new beer campaign

Superstars Namie Amuro and Masaharu Fukuyama join forces to promote Asahi’s new brand Asahi Super Dry Extra Hard in a hot television commercial airing today in Japan.

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Namie Amuro – Dear Diary (MV)

“O-M-G… hey why you lookin at me…?” Namie Amuro embraces her inner shinigami in the new music video for “Fighter” from the film Death Note Light up the NEW world.

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Namie Amuro contributes songs to Death Note film sequel

Namie Amuro has announced that her new songs “Dear Diary” and “Fighter” have been chosen as the theme song and as one of the featured songs in the new movie “Death Note Light up the NEW world”, set to be released on October 29. The CD single of “Dear Diary / Fighter” will also be …

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Namie Amuro – Hero (MV)

Namie Amuro has released the music video for her new single, “Hero”, NHK’s theme for their summer Olympics coverage. The video combines the previously-teased “Green Floor”, “Water Floor” and “Flame Floor” versions, representing the official colors of the event. “Hero” will be released on CD July 27. https://youtu.be/8szBN__ZSQ8

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Namie Amuro creates Olympics song “Hero” for NHK

Namie Amuro’s new single “Hero” will be released on July 27th, recorded as the theme song for the 2016 NHK Rio de Janeiro Olympic & Paralympic broadcast. the limited edition version will include 2 music videos, “Hero” and “Show Me what You’ve Got”.

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Namie Amuro – Mint (MV)


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namie amuro – LIVEGENIC 2015-2016 Digest

Namie Amuro fans can preview the energy, spectacle, and non-stop dancing of the singer’s LIVEGENIC 2015-2016 tour. The DVD/Blu-ray drops March 2. https://youtu.be/VRN5Ef55-MI

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