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Sep 08 2016

Mika Nakashima announces 15th anniversary Songbook album


Japanese songstress (and Nana star) Mika Nakashima has revealed the details of her 15th anniversary project, “Mika Nakashima Songbook Amanojyaku”. The special CD and book set will be released October 5, 2016, with 14 tracks including a new song titled “Alone”. The deluxe anniversary book contains the artist’s personal history, hand-drawn illustrations, lavish photo portraits, …

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Jun 02 2015

Anna Tsuchiya – Interview (2015)


Anna Tsuchiya Interview by Jen Wang June 2, 2015 In April, actress and singer Anna Tsuchiya held her first full-length U.S. concert at Anime Matsuri in Houston, Texas. She treated fans to both old favorites like “Slap that Naughty Body” and “rose” from the NANA anime and more recent numbers, including her latest single “LUCIFER”. …

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May 09 2015

Anna Tsuchiya – Anime Matsuri 2015 Live Report

NekoPOP-Anna Tsuchiya-Anime Matsuri2015-1

Anna Tsuchiya Anime Matsuri, April 5, 2015 Live Report by Jen Wang The first couple of hazy guitar riffs drifted into the crowd, which grew excited with recognition. These were the first notes to Anna Tsuchiya’s most well-known hit, “rose” from the NANA anime series. For years, Anna won over American fans on the silver …

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May 29 2014



NekoPOP celebrates Throwback Thursday with a look back at MAX’s “Barairo no Hibi”. The J-Pop supergroup released this cover of Backstreet Boys’ “Larger Than Life” as a single in 2000, and it appeared on their 3rd album “Emotional History”. They originally began as a dance unit that performed with Namie Amuro in the 1990s (as …

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