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Perfume 5th Tour 2014 “Grun Grun” BD/DVD

J-Pop super unit Perfume will release their new tour video on March 5, feturing their final performance of the “Perfume 5th Tour 2014 “Grun Grun”” held at Yoyogi National Gymnasium. The tour celebrated the group’s 10th anniversary by performing in 7 cities across Japan. The BD/DVD limited editions include a bonus documentary disc plus a …

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NekoPOP′s Best J-Pop Album Covers of 2014

Check out our picks and commentary for the best album/single jacket art of 2014! http://nekopop.com/best-j-pop-album-covers

Perfume Dazzles in U.S. debut in Hollywood (Live Report)

Perfume Live at Palladium Hollywood (2014.11.09) Live Report by Greg Hignight (Tune in Tokyo) Perfume quietly made their way into the hearts and minds of Western music fans six years ago as essentially an underground artist – a J-Pop act not associated with anime nor any of the popular Japanese genres that had taken hold …

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Perfume’s tour message for international fans

The members of Perfume have released a message for their international fans in connection with their upcoming world tour dates. “Perfume WORLD TOUR 3rd” is confirmed!! We are finally hitting US soil. When we went to LA for the Cars 2 premiere and walked down the red carpet, there was an American fan saying “come …

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Perfume release 20th single Cling, Cling

Perfume released their new single “Cling Cling” this week, their 20th single and first release in 6 months. The release comes hot on the heels of their USA concert announcement, with the world-famous trio taking the stage at the Palladium in Los Angeles in November. The limited edition box version of the single contains a …

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Perfume announces first USA tour

Perfume announced their third world tour dates with a special English-language video today, revealing their first-ever American performances in New York and Los Angeles. Perfume WORLD TOUR 3rd Schedule Oct 31 – Taiwan Nov 2 – Singapore Nov 9 – Los Angeles Nov 12 – London Nov 15 – New York Ticket information: http://www.perfume-web.jp/cam/WORLD/#usa1

Tune in Tokyo presents 5th Anniversary Art Show and “YSTK” ‘Zine Release Party

Tune in Tokyo has announced its first art show in conjuncture with Ultranimbus and Deathpop, commemorating five years of J-Pop and K-Pop in Los Angeles. Tune in Tokyo will be showcasing their favorite Tune in Tokyo flyer and promotional art from 2008 to the present at Agit Gallery in Koreatown with a free, all ages …

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Perfume launches music player app

J-Pop supergroup Perfume has launched a special “Perfume Music Player” music player app, available on iTunes and Google Play.

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Shiina Ringo x Yasutaka Nakata – J’ai trouvé l’amour (MV)

Shiina Ringo ups the body count on this special collaboration single with producer Yasutaka Nakata (CAPSULE, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Perfume). Killer dress, Ms. Ringo.

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Perfume – 1mm (MV) + Japan Times Interview

Check out the Japan Times recent interview with Perfume (10/16/2013) Perfume dances to No. 1 with hard-edged new album ‘Level3′