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Tokyo Idols (Film Review)

Tokyo Idols Film Review by David Cirone [originally published on Drama-MAX] Tokyo Idols has an agenda, and that’s no spoiler. Starting with its slanted description on Netflix, filmmaker Kyoko Miyake uses the documentary platform to selectively focus on fringe, negative aspects of idol fandom. For the millions of Japanese and international fans who have actually …

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Rio Hiiragi, the “Idol You Can Meet Everyday” hosts 20th Birthday Concert

The “idol you can can meet everyday” Rio Hiiragi held a special concert celebrating her 20th birthday at Kawasaki’s Club Citta. The J-Pop singer, popular on Niconico and other social media (including over 51,000 twitter followers) performed a memorable set that featured ”Rio Rio Ri→no Uta”, “Senketsu the END” and “Magical Snow”. Rio, who appeared …

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