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Sawa Angstrom take aim with “Sweet Impact” MV

If you don’t like cleaning up spilled drinks then you won’t like the video electronic trio Sawa Angstrom have just released to the song “Sweet Impact” off OF FOOD, their second five-song EP. Everyone else will find the clip oddly beautiful as a variety of fruity concoctions in glass tumblers get nailed by projectiles in …

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Sawa Angstrom – Interview (2019)

Sawa Angstrom Interview by Marc Bowie April 29, 2019 The minimalist style of your EP, DdTPt, is very different than the jazzy Lainy J Groove band and the more poppy style of YeYe, the other groups of which you are a member. What is your goal with Sawa Angstrom? Jun Hamada: There are various elements …

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Sawa Angstrom beguile with DdTPt

Electronic music trio Sawa Angstrom has released a five-song EP, DdTPt,  full of charmingly old-school bleeps and minimalist-yet-innovative beats. Based in Kyoto, the group is made up of vocalists Marina Kodama and Satoshi Yoshioka (who also acts as the group’s engineer), as well as Jun Hamada. In keeping with their less-is-more style, the band has …

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