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Apr 13 2015

Kanako Ito performs Steins;Gate, Demonbane themes at Sakura-Con 2015


J-Pop anime and game songstress Kanako Ito performed a set of fan favorite theme songs during her live concert at Seattle’s Sakura-Con 2015 last week, April 3-5, including popular hits from Steins;Gate and the Demonbane game series. She spent hours meeting fans and signing autographs, and also took time to explore Seattle during her first …

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Nov 30 2013

Ayane releases new theme for Steins;Gate PS Vita game


Japanese anime/game singer Ayane (11eyes, Ayakashi, s-CRY-ed) released her new single “Kaiko no Fetariteto” on November 27. The song is used as the OP theme for the PS Vita game Steins;Gate Senkeikosoku no Phenogram. The single includes 5 tracks and features a new illustration of Steins;Gate characters Kurisu Makise and Mayuri. Track List 1. Kaiko …

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Oct 15 2013

Kanako Ito featured on Promic’s J-Pop News


Japanese anime and game singer Kanako Ito is featured in this week’s J-Pop News program from Promic. Kanako ito is a highlighted artist for next week’s TIMM Japanese music industry event. The program shows her video for “Hacking to the Gate” from the game Steins;Gate. Check out Promic’s latest edition of J-Pop News:

Oct 02 2013

Steins;Gate vocalist Kanako Ito to perform at 10th Annual Tokyo International Music Market


Nitroplus singer Kanako Ito will perform a live concert at PROMIC’s 10th Annual Tokyo International Music Market showcase on October 23. Kanako Ito is known for her contributions to numerous anime and game soundtracks including STEINS;GATE, Blassreiter, School Days, STAR MINE GIRL/SUMAGA, CHAOS;HEAD NOAH, Song of Saya, and Deus Machina Demonbane. Kanako Ito appeared at …

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